We are proud to be partners with organizations leading the way in
eco-friendly foodservice.

Read below what they have to say about Middleby brands.

Middleby has been a partner since our first restaurant in 1984. We now use their energy efficient ovens. Middleby ovens save us hundreds of dollars in each of our more than 3,000 restaurants around the world.”

— “Papa” John Schnatter, Founder and Chairman

Using Energy Star® rated products is important to us, and that is why we choose Pitco Fryers. Not only are they energy efficient, but they give an outstanding, consistent product every time. We use the best ingredients to make the highest quality product possible. It only make sense that we would cook our product on the best equipment in the industry.”

— Greg DeCelle, Chief Development Officer

Middleby has the most energy saving equipment in the industry. We use TurboChef, Blodgett, Carter-Hoffmann and many of the Middleby brands in our kitchen.”

— Nigel Travis, CEO

Our kitchens are exclusively Middleby Equipment. We believe the energy saving equipment and ventless technology is the best way to train our students for equipment they will be using in the future. Middleby equipment is the best, and they are the leader in eco-friendly cooking equipment.”

— Peter L. Cooper, Executive Director, Culinary Education

Using Middleby Brands we created a complete ventless, energy efficient kitchen. Their equipment is the best and most energy efficient in the industry.”

— Andy Ravella