Gaurantee & Middleby Mission Statement

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Middleby Green Guarantee

At Middleby we understand that it is not enough for a product to be greener. It has to be better than its conventional counterpart. Based on this, we offer the following:

  • All of our energy efficient products are competitively priced
  • If you purchase any of our ENERGY STAR® rated products we guarantee you will save on energy costs.
  • If any of our ventless hoods are purchased we will guarantee a pay back of less than 24 months (energy savings and cleaning costs).
  • All of our ventless hoods carry a five year warranty.
  • If you purchase our automated kitchen (CTX, CookTek and Carter-Hoffmann) we guarantee you a reduction in kitchen labor by one person, based on a traditional commercial kitchen.
  • Middleby will audit your kitchen and make recommendations for energy savings.

The Middleby Corporation is dedicated to continually raising the bar of energy savings for the foodservice industry.

Key Sustainable Goals

  • Reduction in energy consumption through operational efficiency
  • Consistent reduction in GHG emissions over the next five years
  • Engineering advancements to lead the industry in ENERGY STAR® qualified, water and energy-efficient cooking technology

What Restaurant Guests Now Expect

According to a recent release from the National Restaurant Association, guests have higher expectations than ever. Two prime areas of interest are:

  • Restaurants they frequent will “go green”
  • Food and beverage prices will be kept low, while value increases

Installing energy-efficient equipment helps “green up” the restaurant while lowering operating costs, which helps make guest pricing more palatable.

The Middleby Corporation Sustainability Report

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