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Middleby Marshall® WOW! Oven™
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Middleby Marshall® WOW! Oven

Winner of the NRA’s Kitchen Innovations 2010 Award and the 2009 Gas Food Equipment Network Product of the Year Award for gas technology and energy savings. The WOW! oven is also approved by the top five pizza chains in the world due to its efficient use of energy and consistent cooking.

The most energy-efficient, fastest-cooking conveyor oven on the market, the WOW! Oven cooks product 35% faster and is 30% more energy-efficient than other conveyors with a 40-inch bake chamber.

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CookTek® Induction Technology

CookTek® Induction Technology

Induction cooking also allows cooking without a vent, thus heat and air conditioning in a restaurant is not lost through a cooking vent system, bringing down energy usage.

CookTek induction technology saves energy for both traditional gas and electric cooktops. Electric and gas hot tops use 55-65% of the energy expended in cooking. While CookTek induction technology uses 95% of energy, leaving very little to waste.

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TurboChef® Sǒta™ Rapid Cook Oven

TurboChef® Sǒta Rapid Cook Oven

The Sǒta oven provides superior speed and cooking performance in TurboChef's smallest, most energy-efficient package.

It costs an average of just $1.42 a day to run. The oven has independent top and bottom impinged airflow that is precisely coordinated with microwave to deliver superior quality and speed. And the integral catalytic converters allow for UL®-certified ventless operation, another energy-saving feature.

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Blodgett® DFG-100 Convection Oven

Blodgett® DFG-100
Convection Oven

The Blodgett DFG-100 is ENERGY STAR® qualified, with a 44% energy-efficiency rating, and the best-selling convection oven on the market.

With a dual-flow gas system that combines direct and indirect heat, it also delivers very fast preheat and recovery time, which saves on energy costs.

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Pitco® Solstice Supreme™ Fryers

Pitco® Solstice Supreme Fryers

ENERGY STAR® qualified, Solstice Supreme fryers provides dependable atmospheric heat transfer and fuel-saving performance without the need for complex power blowers.

The patented atmospheric burner system with its long lasting alloy heat baffles reaches up to 70% thermal efficiency and delivers lower flue temperatures. And the new Self Clean Burner (patent pending) goes through a daily 30-second cleaning cycle to keep burners tuned to operate at peak energy-efficiency.

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